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www.forkliftaction.com, 30.11.2010 - Aschaffenburg, Germany

Linde Material Handling will present new production logistics optimising products at the LogiMAT trade fair in Stuttgart from 8-10 February 2011.

Linde spokesman Detlef Sieverdingbeck explains that the development stems from the automotive industry and is coming under increasing scrutiny from manufacturing companies in other industries. "Other industries try to adopt these solutions to optimise their own production logistics."

Linde will showcase the Linde logistics train and Linde L06 AC-L16 AC pallet stackers with its distribution partners Schöler Fördertechnik AG and Hofmann Fördertechnik GmbH of Rheinfelden and Neckarsulm, Germany, respectively at the expo for the first time.

The Linde logistics train comprises a tow tractor and four specially designed trailers featuring an integrated lifting system. The train ensures that the production logistics has streamlined processes in place and synchronises the act of procuring and using the materials.

Its core task is to ensure a continuous, steady and seamless supply of materials. Leading the train is a tow tractor with three to five tonne pulling force. It can be operated manually. The trailers are equipped with a lifting system so that steel-framed material trucks with four rollers can be mounted at the side. A front tiller and rear trailer coupling enable individual trailers to be connected to make up a logistics train.

Designed to achieve a similar outcome, the new pallet stackers, based on the Linde matrix concept, feature a lift mast and are available in a tiller-controlled pedestrian version with fold-away platform and as a central driver's platform with a handlebar between the battery and lift mast.

Sieverdingbeck explains that according to the matrix concept, each device is assembled from three units, a drive unit, a load unit and an operating unit. "The ability to combine different models based on a modular kit leads to customer-orientated and application-specific vehicles with the advantages of large-scale production like reliability, quality and shorter delivery times."

The pallet stackers are designed to transport crates to the assembly lines. The stacker has a rated capacity of 0.6 to 1.6 tonnes (1,323lbs - 3,527lbs) with a load centre of gravity of 500mm (1.6 feet). Driven by a 3kW drive motor, its top speed is 9km/h (5.6mph) going forwards and 6km/h in reverse. A tilting lift mast is optional and a single or double auxiliary hydraulics unit for attachments can be integrated into the mast. The device can also be equipped with manual folding forks or a coupling fitted on the fork carriage so that it can pull trailers.


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